How to delete ‘purge’ sound receiver

An Israeli radio station’s new “purge” sound receiver that plays sounds from the country’s airwaves is drawing backlash from the local media.

In the past two years, the radio station has been broadcasting a series of purges and other purges by Israeli soldiers in response to Palestinian incitement to violence, a practice that Israeli media say is “inhumane.”

The station said the removal of the purges is part of a wider plan to rid the airwaves of “illegal Israeli policies and practices.”

“We are not here to harm anyone.

We are here to listen to the people, and to listen for peace,” said station director of news and programming Yoav Elav, according to a transcript published by Channel 2 news.

Elav went on to call the move an “important step in the right direction,” but also claimed that the station’s purges are not illegal.

“The purges [were] part of an ongoing process that started last year,” he said, adding that the “right to listen” is “a basic human right.”

The Israeli military said in a statement that the removal is a “proper response to illegal incitement” and that it is “necessary to protect the safety of citizens, soldiers and staff.”

But the station said it has been banned from the air.

The station’s director of digital operations told The Jerusalem Report that the purged sounds were “from the air, not from a radio station,” and that the sound has been “completely removed.”

The radio station said in an email that it will not be broadcasting anymore from the “purged” purges.

The station, which was set up by Israeli military personnel in 2014, said it does not use its own content.

Elbaz says the “clean” sounds, which the station uses for a regular show and that include a Palestinian voice, are “unusual” for the military and that he will continue to use the station, according the report.

In addition, Elbaz said that he is also “receiving death threats” from supporters of the station.

The Israeli army has denied the reports, saying the purging is “not a new tactic” but that it has received complaints for “violating the rules and regulations of military communications.”

“The actions taken by the [military] do not reflect the feelings of our soldiers,” the statement said.

“We stand by our troops, we are loyal to the State of Israel and its people, they are our soldiers.”