How to play the new Google TV app without having to buy a new set of headphones

You can now use your Google TV remote to control your Android TV set top box without having a separate wireless remote.

The company has released a software update to the Google TV Android app that adds wireless control over the set top, including remote buttons for the remote control.

This new feature, dubbed Google TV Remote App, makes it easy to use the Google television app on the Google Chromecast streaming device.

Google has released several Android TV app updates in recent months that add wireless remote control features.

In the past, it has released an app that allows you to play music from Google Music, and the app for Apple TV.

The Google TV software update adds wireless remote controls for the Google streaming device to Google TV.

You can download the GoogleTV Remote App for Android from the Google Play Store or the Google web store.

It will work with any Android TV device running Android 4.2 or later.

Google TV Remote app works on Google Chromecasts running Android 5.0 or higher.