How to turn your home into a bomb shelter

By: James Hargreaves, News24.comThe following video is part of our ongoing series of articles on home security technology.

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If you live in the UK and you need to protect yourself from a bomb threat, here’s what you need.

If a bomb is on the way, don’t panic – there’s plenty of other protection measures that can be taken.

Here are some things you need for a home defence.

The first thing you need is a home alarm clock.

If you need help setting up a home’s alarm system, read our guide on how to set up a clock in your home.

There are a lot of ways to get one, and we’ve rounded up some of the best options we’ve found.

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Here’s how you can set one up.

Here we’ve listed all the ways you can get an alarm clock, whether you want it to be manually triggered or a connected device.

We’ve also included a video guide to help you setup your alarm system.

When it comes to setting up an alarm system that will send out a message, there are a couple of things you’ll need.

A device that can trigger an alarm – like a clock or alarm clock – can be a big help.

A smart alarm will work with a device that sends out a ‘home alarm’ signal.

You’ll need to connect a timer or alarm to the device, which you can do with an app.

If the alarm is on, you’ll want to set it to wake up the alarm clock (which can be done with an application).

If the alarm goes off, you can start a timer to trigger the next alarm.

You may also need to set the alarm to automatically go off at night.

If your alarm clock isn’t activated, you may need to install a home security alarm system to wake it up.

This will enable the alarm system’s trigger function to trigger automatically at night when the alarm sounds.

If an alarm sounds, you need a way to stop it.

If an alarm goes on, a home safety alarm will turn off automatically when you turn the power off or turn off the device that triggers it.

If it doesn’t sound, a battery can be used to stop the alarm.

It can be bought in the home alarm shop or used on the home network.

You can buy a home emergency kit from the Home Depot for £40 ($60) to keep your home safe.

These include:A smart alarm system can send a signal to your home that will trigger an emergency alarm.

This is useful if the alarm doesn’t work.

You should also check if the home you’re going to live in has an emergency kit available.

If not, you should get one.

The Home Office’s Home Safety Strategy aims to help the Government with home security by promoting the use of safe and effective home security devices.

Home devices are key to this.

There’s also the possibility that a bomb could be on the other end of the communication, so a home threat can be sent from the outside, meaning the home’s alarms will not be triggered.

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