Australia’s big data boom: How the nation will save $2bn a year

AUSTRALIA’S big data revolution is under way.

The country’s National Digital Transformation Agency (NDRA) announced a new $2.6bn infrastructure grant in September to help it build a nationwide broadband network and set up an automated voice recognition system.

Its first phase of this plan includes installing 2,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, creating a smart meter, a network of 10,000 mobile hotspots and a digital payment system to allow businesses to accept payments in cash or mobile devices.

It will also deploy the nation’s first automated video conferencing system, and the first in the world to offer live streaming.

A new generation of data analytics companies are also investing in Australia.

Data analytics company KPMG is spending $500m to help the National Broadband Network build out its network.

Key points:A $2 billion funding round for the NBN will be used to create a new generation the world’s biggest wireless broadband networkNDRB will also fund a new digital payments system that will enable businesses to receive payments in their own digital walletsThe new funding comes after Australia’s first private sector broadband network was launched last year.

The NBN will build a wireless broadband service that will connect to existing telephone and internet connections.

The NDRA has been pushing for years to build a national network of fibre optic networks that would connect all Australians to high-speed internet services.

In 2015, the Government announced a national broadband network, which will connect all Australian households with a high-definition, fibre-optic cable network.

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