Why the Surround Sound Sound Speakers in your Smartphone Sells Out at a Time Like This

A recent study conducted by The Economist shows that the growing popularity of surround sound is driving up the price of speakers, which means you’ll pay more for them as they age.

And while the research suggests that these speakers are good for the speaker market, they’re also putting off new buyers.

The study looked at 1,100 smartphone owners who had two or more devices with a sound system, and it found that they spent an average of $14 per month on speakers in the last year.

That’s an increase of 40% from the $11.60 that they paid in the previous year.

In the past, they spent a little over $12 a month on sound systems.

That’s because consumers want their smartphones to sound as good as possible, the report found.

But the researchers say that smartphone makers can’t deliver a sound experience that rivals a console or PC.

In an interview with The Verge, Ben O’Connell, the chief technology officer of SoundWorks, a Seattle-based audio technology company, said the study’s findings don’t surprise him.

“We know from experience that if you make a big enough product, you’ll have a few customers,” he said.

“We have a lot of people in the market who are just getting into the smartphone market and they are just beginning to realize that they have a really powerful device that’s really easy to use and to listen to.

And I think that’s a big thing we need to get out in front of.”

SoundWorks was able to find 1,000 smartphone owners with a phone with two or three sound systems, and the company compared them to the average smartphone owner.

The company found that while they bought speakers for $14 a month, they paid $15 more per month.

That suggests that smartphone owners are spending more on sound, which is what they’re getting at.

The company said that they were able to test the sound on two different smartphone models.

One model had the same sound as a console and another had the sound of a PC.

But in the second model, the sound was slightly improved.

O’Connell said that he doesn’t believe that the upgrade will have a big impact on how consumers purchase smartphones.

“If you’re going to be upgrading to a PC, and you want to have a better sound experience on your phone, you have to upgrade to the best PC on the market,” he explained.

“That’s not going to have any impact on the cost of the phone.”

However, O’Donnell said that the results should have some effect on the way consumers shop for their next smartphone.

He noted that people are buying more smartphones these days because they’re more willing to pay more, but he said that it’s also because they are choosing the phones that are the best for them.

“It’s a combination of all of those factors,” he noted.