Italy 4-0 Germany: A new generation of stars – Football Italian title 4-1 Germany: Italian defenders’ brilliance will prove a new generation’s strength

It has been a fantastic summer for Italy.

The new generation has emerged.

They have proven they can win against all sides.

In fact, they are proving their value and that they will become the team of the future.

The Italians have been outstanding, and will prove the value of the players, when they are at their best.

This summer, they were a threat.

The first half of the tournament was a struggle for the German side, but they were the better side, with some brilliant moments in the second half.

The midfielders were brilliant, as were the defenders.

Italy’s attacking players have proven their value as well, but the Italian centre-backs were not at their finest in this game.

They were far too aggressive, and were outmuscled by the German centre-back duo.

They also looked to be in a bit of trouble in midfield, as the German midfielders had trouble with the ball and were unable to create much for themselves.

This is something that needs to change.

This is a new era in Italy.

The midfield has to become more patient, and the defensive line needs to be better.

The centre-forwards need to be more mobile and create chances.

It has to be a good summer.

The national team will benefit from it.

The young Italian midfielders have shown that they can score goals and have been one of the most exciting players in the tournament so far.

The best example of this is Dani Alves.

He scored the opener against Germany and the winner against England, and scored two more against France.

He has scored goals and made a lot of plays, but he needs to improve in other areas.

He needs to take better care of the ball, to improve his defensive positioning, to learn how to defend against bigger, more physical teams, and he needs some new ideas to get the best out of his attacking play.

The centre-half of the line has been poor in this tournament.

He should have scored against France, but there was not enough to help the Italians, who looked vulnerable in the midfield.

He also needs to learn to cope with more physical players.

It is difficult to see how he can be the best in Italy when he cannot adapt to the physical demands of European football.

The best player in the squad is Alessandro Del Piero.

The 24-year-old has been at the centre-field for Italy for years, and it is very disappointing that he has not been more consistent.

He is the best option for the centre of midfield, but when he is playing in the wide positions, he does not create the kind of chances that will help Italy win.

Del Pieropo was excellent in the first half against Germany, and in the latter half he did not do enough to make his team play well.

He is a very good footballer, but needs to do more to improve.

He did well in the 1-0 victory over England, but his performance against France was not very good, and his game against France did not suit the level of play that Italy will face in the semi-finals.

In addition to the centre midfielder, the other key player in Italy is Simone Pepe, who has started every game for Italy this tournament, and has the most minutes played per game of any player in this squad.

Pepe has played every minute of the first leg against France so far, and had one goal and one assist.

The Italian midfield is one of their best in Europe.

Andrea Pirlo and Miralem Pjanic have the most assists in Europe, while Graziano Pelle has the fewest.

Pepe is also the most important player for Italy in midfield.

He helps to control the ball better, and makes some of the passes.

He has played a lot more than his teammate, Simone Pepe.

In the first phase of the game, he was very solid, but was not really effective in the final phase.

He was too aggressive in the middle, and was not always able to control it well.

In this game, the Italian midfield was very important.

It did not play well, and there were some mistakes made in the positioning of the centre, but Italy made the right decisions.

I am very happy with this team.

The quality of the Italians was great.

They are one of Italy’s best sides.

They did not concede many chances, and they scored a lot.

They looked dangerous and made good decisions.

Italy are in good form, and look like a team that will be very difficult to beat.

The only problem for Italy is that their defence will need to improve to cope.

It will be difficult to cope in this competition without a bit more discipline and concentration.

It would be nice if Italy were able to win all their matches, and that their players have the right attitude to stay sharp in the face of adversity.