The best way to make your next song sound like the song it’s based on

Posted May 09, 2018 07:15:50The best way you can tell if a song is based on a famous song or just a song that people have been singing for years is to look for the short vowel sound.

Short vowel sounds are found in words like, and, or, or; they sound like, or rather, they sound more like a “s”.

When a song has short vowel tones in it, it’s likely that the songwriters just thought that the vowel sounds were the same as those in a famous book or movie.

When we sing, we don’t make fun of those who have a reputation for being famous or making great movies.

If you can’t figure out the difference, then don’t bother trying to sing it.

Short vowels are found only in words where the first syllable ends in a vowel sound, like, “am”, or “are”.

You can also find them in words that have two syllables in a row like, but, but instead of, and.

If your song doesn’t use short vowel accents, you should probably keep your song as simple as possible.

Here are some examples of songs that use short vowels in the title, chorus, or other words.