‘It was like an earthquake’: Trump says he felt it when he saw a ‘fire’ as an earthquake rumbled through the US

President Donald Trump says the earthquake in Japan that hit the country this week was not an earthquake, but a “fire.”

In a tweet Saturday morning, Trump said he was “so pleased” that the country was back in its normal routine.

The president tweeted that he and his family were “on vacation in Hawaii.”

“The President and First Lady spent their vacation this weekend at our private resort in Hawaii,” a White House official said in a statement to ABC News.

“The President was briefed by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) before taking his trip to Japan.”

Trump’s statement came just hours after he was briefed on the Japanese earthquake.

He tweeted: “The Japanese government is investigating.

There was a tsunami, a landslide, an earthquake and a lot of damage.

There were no injuries.

A few people died in the tsunami, but it’s a small number.

There may have been more people injured than dead.

I will be back on TV tomorrow to talk about it.

But I have a very strong feeling that this was not a ‘natural’ earthquake.”

Trump is on vacation in Florida.

His next trip to Hawaii is Tuesday.